so you want a peak inside our gear bags?  this post is exactly that – a look into the tools that we use to create our images.  our equipment list continues to grow as we upgrade and add new toys to our camera bags.

- Canon 5D Mark III (body)
– Canon 6D (body)

- Canon 7D (body)
- 24-105mm f/4.0 (lens)
– 16-35mm f/2.8 (lens)

- (2) 50mm f/1.8 (lens)
- 75-300mm f/4.0 (lens)
- 35mm f/2.0 (lens)
- Sekonic L-758DR (light meter)
- (2) Manfrotto tripods
- (2) Fuji Film Instax 210 Instant Film Cameras
- Promaster 3-Light Studio Umbrella Kit
- (2) Neewer LED Photo/Video Lighting
- (2) Apple MacBook Pros




engagement/couple clients approach us frequently questioning what to wear to their session – worrying about clashing colors, clashing patterns, and if it looks well in photographs. to make things easier (and stress-free!) for our wonderful clients, we’ve created this simple overview to help you plan.

simply put, your outfits should be a direct reflection of you.  make sure to wear what appeals to you visually and appeals to you in terms of comfort.  feeling comfortable and confident is key in photographs.  when it comes to the fit of your clothing, avoid extremely baggy shirts and steer clear of choosing a session wardrobe that is too tight.  when picking out your tops, avoid graphic/logo tshirts – we don’t want your engagement photos looking like an advertisement and graphic tees can be a little distracting.  avoid wearing tennis shoes

contrary to what you might think, with couple shoots, we would prefer you not wear matching outfits – even though this is something that works well for family portraits.  when it comes to colors, pick a statement color to add a pop (primary colors work great – red, blue, or yellow!)  add a blue belt, a red pair of shoes (even red lips!), or a yellow bow tie, etc.  also, layers look great and add that extra stylish touch you want in photos.  add a cardigan, jacket, or a hat.  both ladies and gentlemen can and should accessorize.  with these tips, don’t over do it.  pick one color, and one to two add-on’s.

ladies, make sure to be conscience of your choice of nail color (or if you’re going natural – the lack of).  maybe take a girl’s day and get mani-pedi’s with your girlfriends a day or two prior to your session date.  we want those ring shots to look as flawless as possible!

this post is by no means a rulebook for your photographs – this is simply a set of suggestions and ideas that we know look great in photos.  we want to you to be ready-to-rock when the session day comes!

check out examples on our pinterest.




we have a unique style in every aspect of what we do – from the composition of our photos (and videos), to our edgy and unique editing process.  we don’t just capture moments; we capture the mood, the emotion, and the overall feeling of affection between you and your loved ones.  we strive to create natural, authentic photographs that you can cherish for years to come.

although we primarily shoot photos using digital equipment, we absolutely love the artistic look of various types of film and that shows through our work.  due to our love of film, we also include an instant polaroid photo with couple session as a keepsake for clients.  we strive to not only take your photo, but document your story.  we create classic photos for modern couples.